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Top 20 Outdoor Adventure Bloggers

Top 20 Outdoor Adventure Bloggers

The outdoor adventure travel industry is rich with enthusiasts who share their experiences and expertise through engaging blogs. These bloggers provide invaluable insights into hiking, camping, climbing, and other adventurous pursuits. Here’s a look at the top 20 bloggers who are shaping the outdoor adventure landscape.

1. Adventurous Kate

  • Overview: Kate McCulley, known as Adventurous Kate, focuses on solo female travel with a knack for adventurous activities. Her blog covers destinations worldwide, providing tips and personal stories.
  • Specialty: Solo female adventure travel.
  • Website: Adventurous Kate

2. The Blonde Abroad

  • Overview: Kiersten Rich, aka The Blonde Abroad, offers travel tips, packing guides, and photography tips. Her blog is visually stunning and covers a variety of adventure travel experiences.
  • Specialty: Solo female travel and adventure photography.
  • Website: The Blonde Abroad

3. Nomadic Matt

  • Overview: Matt Kepnes, known as Nomadic Matt, provides practical advice for budget travelers. His extensive experience and detailed guides make adventure travel accessible to all.
  • Specialty: Budget adventure travel.
  • Website: Nomadic Matt

4. Expert Vagabond

  • Overview: Matthew Karsten, the Expert Vagabond, combines storytelling with stunning photography. His adventures span from hiking and diving to exploring remote regions.
  • Specialty: Adventure photography and extreme sports.
  • Website: Expert Vagabond

5. Bearfoot Theory

  • Overview: Kristen Bor’s Bearfoot Theory focuses on outdoor adventure, providing in-depth guides and tips for hiking, camping, and van life.
  • Specialty: Outdoor adventure and van life.
  • Website: Bearfoot Theory

6. The Planet D

  • Overview: Dave and Deb of The Planet D are a dynamic duo exploring adventure travel across all seven continents. Their blog is rich with travel tips, videos, and personal stories.
  • Specialty: Adventure travel for couples.
  • Website: The Planet D

7. Alex in Wanderland

  • Overview: Alex Baackes shares her passion for travel, diving, and photography through her blog Alex in Wanderland. She offers detailed travel guides and beautiful underwater photography.
  • Specialty: Diving and underwater photography.
  • Website: Alex in Wanderland

8. Hike Bike Travel

  • Overview: Leigh McAdam of Hike Bike Travel covers hiking, biking, and paddling adventures. Her blog provides extensive route details, gear recommendations, and travel tips.
  • Specialty: Hiking, biking, and paddling adventures.
  • Website: Hike Bike Travel

9. A Dangerous Business

  • Overview: Amanda Williams offers a mix of adventure and cultural travel experiences on her blog A Dangerous Business. She emphasizes the balance between adventure and accessibility.
  • Specialty: Adventure and cultural travel.
  • Website: A Dangerous Business

10. Mapping Megan

  • Overview: Megan Jerrard, known as Mapping Megan, specializes in outdoor and adventure travel. Her blog covers a wide range of activities, from climbing and hiking to wildlife encounters.
  • Specialty: Outdoor adventure and wildlife.
  • Website: Mapping Megan

11. Wandering Earl

  • Overview: Earl Baron, aka Wandering Earl, has been traveling since 1999. His blog offers insights into long-term travel, including adventure activities and cultural experiences.
  • Specialty: Long-term travel and cultural adventures.
  • Website: Wandering Earl

12. Uncornered Market

  • Overview: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott of Uncornered Market focus on sustainable adventure travel. Their blog features stories from their travels, emphasizing cultural understanding and sustainability.
  • Specialty: Sustainable and cultural adventure travel.
  • Website: Uncornered Market

13. The Broke Backpacker

  • Overview: Will Hatton, known as The Broke Backpacker, provides budget travel tips, adventure guides, and motivational stories. His blog is geared towards budget-conscious adventurers.
  • Specialty: Budget adventure travel.
  • Website: The Broke Backpacker

14. Two Wandering Soles

  • Overview: Katie and Ben are the duo behind Two Wandering Soles. Their blog covers eco-friendly travel, hiking, and van life, with a focus on sustainable practices.
  • Specialty: Eco-friendly adventure travel and van life.
  • Website: Two Wandering Soles

15. Our Awesome Planet

  • Overview: Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet shares his passion for adventure travel and food exploration. His blog highlights family-friendly adventure destinations.
  • Specialty: Family-friendly adventure travel and food.
  • Website: Our Awesome Planet

16. Heather on Her Travels

  • Overview: Heather Cowper offers detailed travel guides and tips for adventure and cultural travel. Her blog is a great resource for travelers looking to explore both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • Specialty: Adventure and cultural travel.
  • Website: Heather on Her Travels

17. Adventure Junkies

  • Overview: Adventure Junkies, founded by Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset, is a comprehensive resource for adventure enthusiasts. The blog covers a wide range of outdoor activities and gear reviews.
  • Specialty: Comprehensive adventure travel and gear reviews.
  • Website: Adventure Junkies

18. The Outbound Collective

  • Overview: The Outbound Collective is a community-driven platform that provides adventure travel guides, trip planning tools, and outdoor activity inspiration.
  • Specialty: Community-driven adventure travel and outdoor activities.
  • Website: The Outbound Collective

19. TravelFreak

  • Overview: Jeremy Scott Foster, the man behind TravelFreak, offers a blend of adventure travel stories, tips, and photography. His blog is known for its vibrant storytelling and practical advice.
  • Specialty: Adventure travel and photography.
  • Website: TravelFreak

20. Climbing Magazine Blog

  • Overview: The Climbing Magazine Blog is a go-to resource for climbing enthusiasts. It features climbing tips, gear reviews, and destination guides for climbers of all levels.
  • Specialty: Climbing and mountaineering.
  • Website: Climbing Magazine Blog


These 20 bloggers offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone interested in outdoor adventure travel. From budget travel tips to detailed guides on extreme sports, their blogs provide essential resources to enhance your adventure experiences. For more information on gear, adventure providers, and other resources, visit the Outdoor Adventures Connection website at www.outdooradventures.pro.

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