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Posted 11/01/2023 by Outdoor Adventures Connection

2023 Outdoor Adventure Industry Survey

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The 2023 Outdoor Adventures Industry Survey provides important insights into the various aspects of the outdoor adventure industry including category niches, regional operation, seasonal availability, revenue performance, customer demographics, online booking habits, new services, marketing strategies, customer expectations, and emerging trends.

Conducted by the Outdoor Adventures Connection (www.outdooradventures.pro) during the month of October, 2023, the data from the survey will strengthen outdoor adventure businesses, and their ability to operate more successfully. Most are small, independent, family-run operations and they play a vital role in the economy and in providing outdoor recreation activities for millions of North Americans.  

Some results were expected, and others were less predictable. Most importantly, there is something for every outdoor adventure business operator to learn from these results which you’ll find in the “Key Takeaways” after each section. Order your copy today!

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